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Aire Valley Arts Philomena Mills

My paintings are seldom concerned with the places depicted in them. They are really about me and my involvement with those places.
They are confrontations between a personal inner world and the chaotic transitory influences of the outer world. Although not strictly figurative or narrative in form, they represent in concrete terms, a personal experience and this is always my central aim.

My work often shows mountains, hills or valleys. I don’t think you can be born and brought up in a valley and not be affected by the landscape. It haunts you.

I love colour. It is the most powerful tool in creating atmosphere and conveying emotions and ideas. The images and materials are inseparable. The way the work is built up in layers, says something about the way a place, and those of us engaging with that place, consist of layers of life; worlds within a world, with secret places and undiscovered corners.

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