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I have taught Art all my working life, latterly at The Girls' Grammar School, Bradford.   Now that I am retired I am really enjoying finally having the time to do more of my own work.   Having taught all aspects of Art I have tended to be a 'Jack of all trades and master of nothing'!

I was trained in ceramics, which I am beginning to return to.     However, I have loved being on 'the other side of the desk' and have recently been learning to etch.   This is a wonderful process if you enjoy drawing.   I have also done more oil painting and watercolour and I err towards floral imagery (I also did a floristry B Tec),  thoroughly enjoying the colour and paint.

My work, on the whole, is fairly literal recording of my surroundings and the places that I visit, but I can't help exaggerating colour.

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Jan Whittock